general fixings
general fixings
  product : cavity frame anchor metal  
  variant : countersunk head  
  designation : medium to heavy duty  
  material : steel body and screw  
  finish : bright zinc plated to min 5 microns  
  description :  
  powerful expansion through fixing for fastening of frames, timber assemblies and structures, battens and sections to concrete and masonry. suitable for use in cavities and hollow masonry due to the expansion legs providing an umbrella format once fully expanded in the cavity. high strength anchor suitable for high tension and shear loading, fully tested fire resistance up to 120mins  




cavity frame anchor metal


general concretesolid bricksolid blockaircrete blockhollow brick and block material / fire resistance F30 - F120


data - all sizes in mm
nr per box
  GNF162 10.00 110.00 100 PZ3    
  GNF163 10.00 130.00 100 PZ3    
  GNF164 10.00 150.00 100 PZ3    
  GNF165 10.00 180.00 50 PZ3    
  GNF166 10.00 200.00 50 PZ3    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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