general fixings
general fixings
  product : hammer fixings  
  variant : llarge collared head  
  designation : medium duty  
  material : polyamide PA6 nylon, steel zinc plated screw  
  finish : self colour  
  description :  
  a hammer set range of through fixings for use in many construction and assembly applications e.g frame fixing, batten fixing, fastening of sheet materials, brick ties, EML sheeting, cladding, signage, metal partitions and bracketry. deforming crumple zone in the head for fast adjustment of uneven surfaces and reinforced screw head for shock protection allowing high knock in loads. nylon disc washer available for panel or board installations also available in a countersunk and standard collared head format..  




hammer fixing large collar


general concreterock and stonesolid bricksolid blockhollow brick and block material

disc washerdisc washer


data - all sizes in mm
steel- large collared head
nr per box
  GNF95BC 6.00 40.00 100      
  GNF96BC 8.00 50.00 100      
  GNF97BC 8.00 60.00 100      
  GNF98BC 8.00 80.00 100      
  nylon disc washer          
  GNF94 8.50 x 45.00   100      

construction fixings

construction fixings
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