general fixings
general fixings
  product : jet plug metal  
  variant : plug plus screw  
  designation : medium to light duty  
  material : die cast alloy body steel screw  
  finish : body self colour, screw bright zinc plate  
  description :  
  brad point self drill fixing with deep cutting threads providing a non epansion fix in softer board materials, back twist lock to prevent fixing body disengaging when unscrewing the fixture.r educed length version available for wall bonded plasterboards.  




jet plug plasterboard and drywall fixing


plasterboard and fibre board materials materials


data - all sizes in mm
screw size
nr per box
  GNF133 25.00 4.50 100 without screw    
  GNF134 32.00 4.50 100 with panhead screw    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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