chemical anchors
chemical anchors
  product : resicon 2  
  variant : 380ml 10:1 coaxial cartridge  
  designation : medium to heavy duty  
  material : polyester styrene free  
  finish : grey on mixing  
  description :  
  a high performance rapid curing styrene free low odour chemical injection anchoring system based on a modified polyester resin. a cost effective product designed for general bonding of anchor studs, bolts, threaded bars, sockets, sleeves, wall ties and masonry fixings into brickwork, block work and concrete, ideally suited for perforated masonry when used in conjunction with metal and nylon sleeves.  




resicon 2 chemical anchor cartridge


general concretesolid brickworksolid blockaircrete blockhollow masonry material


resicon 2 chemical anchor site kit resicon 2 chemical anchor applicator tool resicon 2 chemical anchor mixer nozzle

data - all sizes in mm
nr per box
  ANC456 resicon 2 cartridge 380ml 10      
  ANC457 resicon 2 heavy duty applicator gun   1      
  ANC458 resicon 2 site kit   1      
  ANC459 resicon 2 spare mixer nozzle 200mm 1      

construction fixings

construction fixings
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