chemical anchors
chemical anchors
  product : resicon 7  
  variant : free mix pouring grade  
  designation : medium to heavy duty  
  material : free flow polyester  
  finish : grey on mixing  
  description :  
  resicon 7 is a 2 component rapid cure free flowing site mixed anchoring system base on a liquid polyester resin, fine graded aggregates and an activation catalyst which when mixed forms a high strength gain grouting compound. designed specifically for anchoring of rebar, starter bars and dowels, anchor studs, holding down bolts and sockets into vertically downward drillholes. particularly suitable for large or oversize drill holes and iregular voids and pockets and for structural grouting of baseplates, machinery bases and rail and crane track systems.  




resicon 7 pourable chemical anchor system


general concreterock and stonesolid brickworksolid block material


resicon 7 chemical anchor mixer paddle

data - all sizes in mm
nr per box
  ANC469 resicon 7 resin anchor tub 2.5l 1      
  ANC470 resicon 7 mixer paddle   1      

construction fixings

construction fixings
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