chemical anchors
chemical anchors
  product : resicon ITSL  
  variant : internal threaded sleeve  
  designation : medium duty  
  material : Gr 5.5 carbon steel  
  finish : bright zinc plated and yellow passivated to min 5 microns  
  description :  
  internally threaded sleeves for use either independently for bonding into solid masonry and concrete or in conjunction with nylon injection sleeves in hollow brickwork and block work to provide a female anchorage allowing the use of standard metric fasteners. optimised outside diameter and length for use with standard brick sizes.  




resicon chemical anchor internal threaded sleeve


structural concreterock and stonesolid brickworksolid blockaircrete blockhollow masonry material

suitable for use with

resicon 2 chemical anchor injection cartridge resicon 3 resin anchor injection cartridge resicon chemical anchor nylon injection sleeve


data - all sizes in mm
thread diameter
drill size
anchor length
  ANC525 resicon ITSL Gr 5.8 ZYP M6 10.00 60.00    
  ANC526 resicon ITSL Gr 5.8 ZYP M8 14.00 90.00    
  ANC527 resicon ITSL Gr 5.8 ZYP M10 16.00 90.00    
  ANC528 resicon ITSL Gr 5.8 ZYP M12 18.00 90.00    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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