chemical anchors
chemical anchors
  product : resicon centering cone  
  variant : hollow form  
  designation : medium to heavy duty  
  material : nylon  
  finish : self colour  
  description :  
  centering cone for use with injection systems, anchor studs and threaded bars to maintain the central position of the installed anchor in the drill hole in horizontal applications whilst curing and ensuring a full coating of resin is achieved around the anchor  




resicon chemical anchor stud centering cone


suitable for use with

resicon 2 polyester styren free resin anchor cartridge resicon 3 epoxy acrylate styrene free resin chemical anchor cartridgeresicon 5 epoxy resin chemical anchor cartridge

data - all sizes in mm
suit stud size
nr per box
  ANC536 resicon centering cone M8 10      
  ANC537 resicon centering cone M10 10      
  ANC538 resicon centering cone M12 10      
  ANC539 resicon centering cone M16 10      
  ANC540 resicon centering cone M20 10      

construction fixings

construction fixings
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