chemical anchors
chemical anchors
  product : resicon si  
  variant : spin-in glass capsule  
  designation : heavy duty  
  material : epoxy acrylate  
  finish : n/a  
  description :  
  resicon si is a high performance rapid cure spin-in chemical anchor system bases on optimum measured proportions of high strength epoxy acrylate resin, chemical activator and quartz aggregate in a sealed glass capsule. The system operates by spinning a chisel ended anchor stud (using a drive adaptor) through the capsule using a rotary hammer drill which crushes and mixes the contents in the drillhole and initiates the curing process.  




resicon si glass capsule chemical anchor system


general concreterock and stonesolid brickworksolid block material


resicon chemical anchor stud bolt socket drive adaptor

data - all sizes in mm
nr per box
  ANC449 resicon si capsule 8.00 80.00 10    
  ANC450 resicon si capsule 10.00 80.00 10    
  ANC451 resicon si capsule 12.00 95.00 10    
  ANC452 resicon si capsule 16.00 95.00 10    
  ANC453 resicon si capsule 20.00 175.00 6    
  ANC454 resicon si capsule 24.00 210.00 6    
  ANC455 resicon si capsule 30.00 265.00 6    
  NB : due to the fragile nature of these products they are sold in full box quantities only    

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construction fixings
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