general fixings
general fixings
  product : spring toggle anchor  
  variant : panhead  
  designation : light to medium duty  
  material : steel  
  finish : bright zinc plate to min 5 microns  
  description :  
  cavity toggle anchor for general purpose fixing to board materials, requires minimum cavity of 35mm to fully open expansion legs, fire resistant  




spring toggle plasterboard cavity fixing


hollow brick and blockplasterboard and fibre board materialsfire resistant materials / fire resistant


data - all sizes in mm
drill size
qty per box
  GNF139 M5 50.00 14.00 50    
  GNF140 M5 75.00 14.00 50    
  GNF141 M6 50.00 18.00 50    
  GNF142 M6 75.00 18.00 50    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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